Akismet WordPress Plugin For Comment Spamming

Are you using WordPress CMS for your blog. And do you want to protect your blog from comment spamming. Here is the best plugin name as Akismet for that problem. You can prevent all spam comments easily after activate this plugin. This is the Top plugin in WordPress plugins directory. Here you can also get brief description about spam comments.





What You Find In This Article :


Brief Description About Spam Comments
How To Download & Install Akismet WordPress Plugin
How To Activate Akismet WordPress Plugin
Methods To Get Akismet API key
How Akismet WordPress Spam Comment Control Plugin Works



What Is Spam Comment :

Now a days hackers or bloggers want to insert their website links to other websites, Because of increase their site traffic. They find one of the best solution for insert their links is Comment. Those hackers or bloggers give invalid comments with some malicious links. These comments are called Spam Comments ″.



How To Download & Install Akismet WordPress Plugin :

By default new version of WordPress have this plugin. You don’t need to Download this plugin.If you not see this plugin in your plugins page, Just open your WordPress site admin panel. Then go to

Plugins >> Add New

On the search box type Akismet. You see the Akismet Plugin. Then click on install now button. After that click ok button on the popup.



How To Activate Akismet WordPress Plugin :

Just go to plugins page, then click on Activate button.





Now click the Activate Your Akismet Account button. And it’s time for creating API key to activate Akismet WordPress Plugin.





Their Are Three Methods To Get Akismet API key :


1) Just give your Email that you was connect to your WordPress site.

2) Activate Akismet by Log in or create an account to get your API key.

3) Manually enter an API key, If you already know your API key.



How Akismet WordPress Spam Comment Control Plugin Works :

When the visitor comes to your site and give a comment, that comment goes to Akismet WordPress plugin control panel page for verification. Akismet will check whether it’s a good comment or spam comment. If it’s a good comment, it will move the comment to pending comments page for manual verification by admin otherwise move to the spam directory.



Now you are successfully Install and Activated Akismet WordPress Prevent Spam Comment plugin. Please give your comment about this article.


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