List of Basic HTML Tags

HTML tags are used for markup the text like Bold, Italic, Headings and many more. All tags also contain Attributes. Attributes tells the behavior of the tag and gives extra features to normal text. All tags ends with ending tag like </html>. According to HTML standards, HTML tags are case-sensitive. Means, their is no difference between <html>, <Html> , <HTML> all this tags are equal.






Basic HTML Tags :


<html> Every HTML document starts with this tag.
<head> This tag contain title of the document and used for integrate CSS and Javascript files.
<title> Used for give title for the document.
<style> Used for integrate CSS and Javascript.
<meta> This tag used for description, charset type etc.
<body> Body part of the document.
<p> Paragraph tag.
<link> Used for linking external sheets.



Heading Tags :

<h1> Heading Tag 1 used for Main heading
<h2> Heading Tag 2 used for sub heading
<h3> Heading Tag 3 used for sub heading
<h4> Heading Tag 4 used for sub heading
<h5> Heading Tag 5 used for sub heading
<h6> Heading Tag 6 used for sub heading




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