What Is HTML And Brief Introduction About HTML

HTML stands for Hyper Test Markup Language. HTML used for creating simple webpages. It’s is the mostly used language for creating webpages. HTML is the markup language. It’s not a programming language.




Contents Of This Article :

⇒ HTML History
⇒ Brief introduction about HTML
⇒ Structure of HTML Document


HTML History :

HTML is initially released on 1993.  HTML 2.0 was published in November 24, 1995. Later HTML 3.2 version came in January 1997. The Latest version HTML 5 released on 4th February 2014.   Below  You can see full HTML History.

⇒ Complete HTML History and HTML 5 logo


Introduction about HTML :

ftp://ramakrishna143@krishna99.com/public_html/images/web-design/html/html-extension.pngAll HTML Documents are saved with the extension of .htm or .html. HTML is the basic language for creating webpages. You can change the normal text to markup test with HTML. HTML is Developed by W3C & WHATWG.


Structure of HTML Document :

HTML documents are contains starting Tags like <html> and ending tags like </html>. Every HTML document starts with <html> tag and ends with </html>. Their are two sections in HTML documents name as header section and body section. Header section tells the details like title about a page. Header section also contains CSS scripts and javascript.

Body section is the place for content of the document. All the tags like <p>, <h1> to </h6> are placed in this section. Here is the list of mostly used HTML tags.






Here is the example for HTML document :




<title> Here is the document title </title>



<!– This is the comment tag –>

<p> This is the paragraph tag </p>




Now it’s time for creating sample article. You can simply create a HTML webpage without any programming software and programming knowledge. Here is the article about creating simple HTML page or document.

⇒ How to create simple HTML document or webpage



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