How To Create Simple HTML Webpage

You can simply create HTML document without any Programming software or programming knowledge. This article is written for beginners. Here i am providing simple steps to create a HTML document with images.

Requirements for creating a HTML document :

⇒ Computer or laptop or any latest tablets.
⇒ Latest browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome etc.
⇒ Basic knowledge about Computer.

Note: Tablets doesn’t support all HTML features.


Open Note pad or Text editor :

Open note pad or any text editor in your computer or laptop or Tablet. Click the start button on your computer. Then go to All Programs >> Accessories >> Notepad. Write HTML code in that Notepad. Below i am providing sample HTML code.


Sample HTML code :




<title> This is sample title </title>



<p> This is sample paragraph</p>

<h1>This is sample heading 1</h1>

<h2>This is sample heading 2</h1>

<h5>This is sample heading 5</h1>

<h6>This is sample heading 6</h1>




Save This Document With The Extension of .htm or .html :

html-extensionCopy or write above code in your note pad. Then save the document with the extension of .htm or .html like example.html.


Open The above HTML Document with Any Browser :

Now it’s time for opening the saved document. Open any browser on your computer. Best browser for reading HTML document is Mozilla Firefox. On the menu bar, click on File button then click on Open File option. Search the HTML document that you are recently saved. Then open the document. Now you will see HTML webpage. You can’t see the HTML code behind HTML document.




How is above file look like in the browser :


This is sample paragraph

This is sample heading 1

This is sample heading 2

This is sample heading 5
This is sample heading 6



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