How To Add Images To Webpage With HTML

You can also insert or add images to webpage with HTML. You can insert image with <img> tag. Here is the complete guide or tutorial for HTML images.





Introduction About HTML Images :

Why you need to put images to webpage because An image is equal to thousand words. You can simply insert images into HTML documents. You can also give width and height that you want.


HTML Image Insert Code :


<img src=”example.jpeg” width=”300″ height=”200″ alt=”sample alternative” >


In the above you see src attribute. Src means source such as image url. You can also specific width and height to images. You can also see all attribute at the end of the code. Alt means alternative for image which is not available.


Sample Example For HTML Images :



<title>This is sample HTML image tutorial</title>



<img src=””   width=”300″  height=”250″  alt=”HTML images”>




Copy the above code into your notepad. Then open it from your latest browser.  If you can not see the image just Change the src url which is your image location on your computer.

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