How to Download and install XAMPP

You can download XAMPP easily on windows-7, windows-xp and Linux etc. XAMPP for Windows provides an easy to install Apache-MySQL-PHP-PERL-PEAR framework. XAMPP saves time and effort and provides the software support for web frameworks like Drupal, Joomla, Moodle, or wikiMedia on any Windows PC.


In your web browser, go to


Click on the download link for XAMPP.


When prompted for the download, click “Save” and wait for your download to finish.


Once your download is complete, install the program, click on “Run”


Accept the default settings.

A command will open and offer an initial installation prompt. Just hit the Enter key, and accept the default settings. To simplify installation, just hit ENTER when prompted on the command line. You can always change settings, by editing the configuration files later.

When your installation is complete, exit the command window by typing x on the command line.


Start the XAMPP Control Panel.


Start the Apache and MySQL components.

You can also start the other components, if you plan to use them.


Verify the Apache install, by clicking on the Apache administrative link in the Control Panel.

Verify the MySQL installation, by clicking on the MySQL administrative link in the XAMPP Control Panel.

  • If the verification steps are successful, XAMPP should be successfully installed on your PC. Open a browser and enter “localhost” on your address bar. You will be redirected to a page telling you that you’ve successfully installed xampp on your system



  • If you are web-development newcomer, get a good book on Apache-MySQL-PHP.
  • Read the installation instructions on the XAMPP home page. There is a lot of good information provided on the page.
  • Download the XAMPP documentation to understand how XAMPP is organized. As a serious web developer this information is an invaluable tool.

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