How to Reset And Reboot Your Android Phone (When you forgot password)

Now-a-Days lakhs of people are using android phones. They don’t know how  to Reset and Reboot of Android mobile. Here is the method for Reset and Reboot of android phones. You can Hard reset or reboot or factory reset any android mobile after reading this post.

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Resetting a Device from the Settings Menu :


ึIf you’re at your wit’s end with your phone, screaming at it when it takes 10 minutes to start an app, it may be time for a factory reset. A factory reset will erase all of your phone’s data and restore it to the settings that it came with out of the box. Before you throw your phone in the trash, check out this guide.

Open your device’s Settings.

The Settings app can have varying icons depending upon on your specific device, and may be also found within the App Tray or by pushing the phone’s dedicated menu button.


Find your Factory Reset option.

Depending on your device, the “Factory data reset” feature may be located in one of two sections within the Settings app:

  • Select the “Privacy” settings, and scroll down to “Factory reset”
  • Select the “Backup and reset” settings, and scroll down to “Factory reset”



Tap “Reset device” to delete all data and restore your device’s factory settings.

The accounts that you are signed into will be displayed on the screen. By default, all of your phone’s internal storage will be wiped.

  • If you want to erase all of the data on your phone’s SD card as well, check the box at the bottom of the screen.



Confirm the process by selecting “Erase everything”.

This will delete all data and restore back to your device’s factory settings. Your phone will be as if it just came out of the box.





Resetting a Device (if you forgot your password) :

Power down your device.

Before you begin the reset procedure, you will need to completely power your device off. (If the device is frozen, you can pull the battery out to turn it off.)


Press and hold the recovery buttons.

The buttons vary from device to device, so you may need to look up the instructions for your particular phone. You will need to press and hold the buttons for a few seconds. Some of the more common button combinations include:

  • Volume Up + Home + Power
  • Volume Down + Power
  • Home + Power

If none of the above work, Use this article to Reboot your Android Mobile.



Select Factory Reset.

Once the recovery menu opens, you can navigate the menu with the volume buttons. You may need to open the Recovery menu to find the Factory Reset mode. Use the Power button, some models use the camera button, to select your menu options.

  • You will be asked to confirm the factory reset.



Wait for the restore process to compete.

After your phone resets, it will be set back to factory defaults and will be like it just came out of the box.


If you are not reset your android mobile or tablet with above method, See below method :



Having any problems, give a comment. Thank you !

  • Backup your data before reset!!
  • Different Android OS-based devices have slight user interface design differences.
  • You don’t necessarily have to restore your phone to its factory settings in order to simply restore the Google account synced with your device


6 thoughts on “How to Reset And Reboot Your Android Phone (When you forgot password)

  1. Im using Aquos Pad sht22, and I forgrot my password, how can I hard reset this device I want it tobe use again, even if it restored in factory reset. Thank you

  2. hard reset as you described for INTEX CLOUD 4G STAR didn’t work. I am still locked out. The mobile is asking for privacy protection password that I don’t remember.
    The system doesn’t ask me for my gmail password.
    See if you can help me.

  3. I forgot my pattern set on my mivromax canvas blaze 4g plus. When i went to recovery options. Everything was written in japannese. Help me out how to figure it out which i s wipe out/favtory default.

  4. i have an HTC desire 526 and ive had to factory reset once already, but for some reason, im gonna have to do it again, ive searched youtube and scoured the internet, but i dont get the android symbol, instead i get a menu and at the top it says locked, what do i do?

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