LG Mobile Hard Reset, Password Recovery, Format

You can Hard reset your LG Mobiles here for free. And also you can learn about LG password recovery methods, wipe all data in fastboot mode, reset or restore your factory settings, LG reboot methods etc.



Supported Mobiles For Below Methods :

LG G FLEX D958, LG G3 (D855) 32 GB, LG G3 (D855) 16 GB, LG G Pro 2 D838, LG G2 (D802T), LG G2 (D802) 32GB, LG G3 BEAT (D722K), LG G2 (D802) 16GB, LG G3 Stylus(D690), LG G Pro Lite (D686), Nexus 5(D821) 32GB, Nexus 5(D821) 16GB, Nexus4 (E960), LG F70, LG F60(D392), LG L90 Dual D410, LG L Bello (D335), LG L Fino(D295), LG L80 Dual D380, LG L70 Dual D325, LG L60 Dual, LG L45 DUAL(X132), LG Optimus L9 P765, LG Optimus L7 P705, LG Optimus L5 Dual (E615), LG Optimus L7II Single (P713), LG optimus 3D P725, LG optimus 4X HD P880, LG Optimus L5 E612, LG Optimus G (E975), LG Optimus VU P895, LG Optimus G Pro (E988), LG OPTIMUS L7II Dual (P715), LG Optimus L1 II E420, LG OPTIMUS L5II Dual (E455), LG OPTIMUS L5II (E450), LG Optimus L3 Dual E405, LG OPTIMUS L3II Dual (E435), LG OPTIMUS L3 E400, LG OPTIMUS L4II Dual (E445), LG OPTIMUS L3II Single (E425), LG smart T375, LG T585, LG A390, LG A290 etc.



Things To Consider Before Hard Reset Your Mobile :



Note : Try all methods until you reset your phone



LG Mobile Hard Reset By Manual Method :

1) Turn off or switch off your phone

2) Press and Hold the Power and volume down button on your phone

3) Release only power button when you see LG logo on your phone.

4) Release all keys when you see factory data reset screen on your mobile

5) Use volume keys for choosing required option and use power key for confirm option.

6) If you select factory data reset option, Your phone will be formatted successfully.



LG Hard Reset or Backup From The Menu :

1) Go to Settings > Backup & reset  > Factory Data Reset  > Reset Phone

2) Factory reset done on your LG mobile from the menu

3) All settings will be restored and all data will be erased after factory reset.




LG Mobile Hard Reset By Android Tools And Drivers :





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