How to Reset and Unlock InFocus IN260

Are you forgot your InFocus mobile password? Don’t know How to unlock your phone?

No problem.

Here is the best solutions for Unlock mobile with Google account, Hard Reset from recovery mode and Factory reset etc.

Before going buy a new cell phone, Use our password recovery methods to repair your InFocus IN260 phone and save your money.

If Any software accessing your mobile without your permission or If your phone was damaged, use our site to solve any mobile software problems for free.


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What is Hard Reset ?

Hard reset or Factory reset is a software restoration process of an Electronic device to its original system state, by formatting all of the information stored on the Electronic device.

All settings, applications (Apps), photos and data added by the user are removed, means permanently deleted.



Before going to reset, You need to know some tips to prevent data lose. So please check out this guide Things To Consider Before Hard Reset Your Mobile.


How to Unlock InFocus IN260 with Google Account

If you already add Google or Gmail account to your mobile, You can easily recover your password. After number of failed attempts, Your mobile may be locked.

You can unlock it by clicking Forgot password option. Follow below Guide to reset screen lock like pattern lock and Pin lock etc.



InFocus IN260 Hard Reset from Recovery Mode

If you are not able to unlock your mobile, You must Hard Reset your phone. Please note that Hard reset delete or format all your data.

Before going to Reset, Backup your android data if possible. Follow below link to Hard reset your mobile.

After Hard reset your mobile, Please Restore android data.



How to Factory Reset InFocus IN260

If you know your password, You can reset your mobile to factory default settings. Factory reset also format all your data and restore all default settings.

Before going to Reset, backup your data if possible. Follow below link to Factory reset your mobile.

After Hard reset your mobile, Please Restore android data.



Hard Reset with Android Tools and Drivers

If does not work any above method, You can reset your phone with Android Tools and Drivers. You need computer and USB cable to reset your android mobile with Android Tools.

Check out below link for detailed information.



Please comment your problem, If above methods doesn’t work. We are always help you.




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