Blackberry Mobile Software Update Methods

I am providing best methods for Blackberry Mobile Software Update. You can update blackberry 7 OS or Blackberry 10 OS to latest blackberry OS. Here i am providing detailed information about it. You can update any of your blackberry mobile by these methods. You can update your blackberry smart phone software by any one of the following method.


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Three Methods Available For Blackberry Software Update :
  1. Update From The Web
  2. Using BlackBerry® Desktop Software
  3. From your smartphone (over-the-air)



Blackberry Software update from web :


1) Download Blackberry mobile software update plugin from official blackberry site.



2) Install plugin and drivers manually by clicking downloaded link.

3) When application loader launches, connect your blackberry mobile phone to pc.

4) Click on OK button to start software update process.




Blackberry Software update With Blackberry Link Software :

1) You can also update your blackberry mobile software with Blackberry Link Software.



2) Download and install blackberry link software.

3) Then connect your mobile to pc, after that update your phone software with Blackberry link application.




Blackberry Software update From your smartphone :

1) You can update your blackberry smartphone OTA (over-the-air) software without connecting it to computer.

2) To get started, select the Options icon from the Home screen. Choose Device, then Software Updates and follow the instructions.