Blackberry Mobile Hard Reset, Password Recovery, Unlock

Blackberry Hard Reset. Now a days it is biggest problem for mobile users. So i decided to  write Hard reset methods, forgot password recovery methods, unlock blackberry mobiles etc. You can Hard reset any blackberry mobile phone by following methods. This is the best method for hard reset your black  berry mobile.


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Blackberry Hard Reset Method :


1) Open blackberry battery cover which is on the back side of your mobile.

2) Then remove your battery.

3) To perform Hard Reset, you need to Press and Hold the power button for 10 seconds.

4) Then wait for 30 seconds, then reinsert your battery and cover.

5) You are successfully rebooted your blackberry mobile.

6) Now switch on your mobile.



Blackberry Soft Reset Method :

This methods only works on mobiles having keyboard. You can perform this method without remove your blackberry battery.

1) Press and Hold following buttons until your screen turns off or switch off.

Alt key and right shift key and delete key


    Alt key and right shift key and backspace key

2) Wait for a few minutes to Soft reset your blackberry mobile.