How To Get Google Adsense Approval In India

Google Adsense is the one of the Best online advertising network in the world. It’s offers high CTR to webpage. It’s gives you 68% share on their income comes from your website. Now a days It is very difficult to get google Adsense approval in india. Because indian websites must have minimum 6 months age. Here i am providing all fundamental requirements to get approval from Google adsense.





Your Website Must Have Following Qualities Before Applying To Adsense



1) Website Age Must Have 6 Months Old:

According to Google Adsense Terms & Conditions website age must have six months old. This condition only for some countries like India and China etc.


2) Content Content Content :




Write high quality content. Content is the major quality for getting approval form Google Adsense. You can create any number of post that you wish. Their is no any condition for minimum posts. My site was approved with 10 posts. Here is the post for how i am getting approved from google adsense.


  I Finally Got Google Adsense Approval After 270 Days


3) Nice Website Design And Structure :

You need create your blog with good design and structure.


4) Don’t Upload Any Prohibited Content Or Videos Or Images :


If Your not interested to apply Google adsense. Here is the post for Google Adsense Alternatives.


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One thought on “How To Get Google Adsense Approval In India

  1. i applied twiced and got approval second time this whole process took my 8 days only , your tips really helped me in getting approval for adsense, now what do you suggest and how can i keep my website safe from click bombing snd how to keep my adsense acccount safe from suspension what exactly i ll have to do to make google not to suspend my account cause i have heard somewhere they suspend your account without any specific reason but obviously they find some reason to suspend so they do right ..??so any tips it will be appreciated ..!

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