My Chitika Revenue Reports In 2014


Chitika-LogoMy Earning Report Of Chitika Ads in 2014:-

I Am Still Using Chitika Ads On My Blog from 2014 And I Am Not Satisfied By chitika because I Don’t Have Other Options So Let’s See My Earning Report Of Chitika Ads. Why i am still using chitika as my major advertising network because my site was not approved by Google adsense or YPN (Yahoo Publishing network).


This Is My Report By Month Earnings Of Chitika in 2014 I Have Less Traffic So No More Earnings, By The Way This Is Good Who Haven’t Adsense Account For Their Blogs. Here you can also learn Chitika Basics, Pros and Cons Of chitika.

January 2014 Chitika Earning Report




February 2014 Chitika Earning Report



March 2014 Chitika Earning Report



April 2014 Chitika Earning Report



May 2014 Chitika Earning Report



June 2014 Chitika Earning Report



July 2014 Chitika Earning Report




¬†Remaining Reports upload soon……………..!


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