Advantages And Disadvantages Of Chitika Ad Network

Chitika-LogoMany visitors search for advantages and Dis-advantages of chitika advertising network. So i decide to write this article.  I am providing all pros (Advantages) and cons (Disadvantages) of chitika CPC ( Cost per click) network. And also here you can learn Basic knowledge of chitika.


Advantages Of Chitika Advertising Network :-


  • Chitika Is A Best Alternative Of Adsense So Obviously Paying Rate Is Nice That’s One Advantage Of Chitika Ads.
  • Like Adsense Chitika Have Also NET 30 Payment.
  • Payment Pay Threw Two Ways 1) Paypal 2) Check, For Paypal Minimum Payment Is 10$ And For Check It Is 50$ (Other networks like google¬† and YPN minimum pay out is $100 ).
  • Approval Is Easy And Take Only 12 Or 24 Hour To Get Status Of Approve Or Disapprove After Apply (95% of websites are approved by chitika).
  • They Also Have Advertising And Publisher Features For Blogs And Website’s Webmasters.
  • There Are Two Levels Of Account Of Publishers, 1) Silver And 2) Gold, For Gold There Are Some Requirements From Chitika Like Good Amount Of Traffic Needed For Gold Level Ads.


Disadvantages Of Chitika Advertising Network :-

  • Low CPC Rate Is One Of The Disadvantage Of Chitika compare to other Advertising Networks .
  • They Most Of Pay Good For US And CANADA Traffic.
  • Some Ads Pay 0.00$ Sometime, They Didn’t Pay For Only Traffic Means No CPM Network.


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