Factory Reset


Factory Reset

Factory Reset is the restoration (Format) of a device to the state it was in when it left the factory. All settings, applications (Apps), photos and data added by the user are removed, means permanently deleted.

Factory Reset is also Known as Hard reset or Master reset. Hard Reset Delete all your data like photos, contacts and applications (Apps) in your Electronic Device.

You will not recover your files after Factory reset.


Why Need to Perform Factory Reset :-

  • If you want to sell your device like Mobile and Laptop etc, You must Reset your device to format all data.
  • To fix a malfunctioning of any electronic device (Like mobile or tablet etc).
  • To remove virus that is difficult to remove on your device.
  • To clear or delete┬áthe memory space on the electronic device.
  • To delete the configuration and settings of the electronic device to the factory default settings.
  • To format┬ápersonal information from the device before selling or giving away the device.



2 thoughts on “Factory Reset

  1. what should I do? I forgot the pattern lock of my phone Lenovo a328. I already tried to factory reset it but there are no changes and the pattern lock was still there. Please help! Thank you!

  2. I have a Doogee Dagger 550 that I haven’t used in over a year. I cannot remember password or phone #. I tried watching your you tube videos but it didn’t work. What do I do now?

    Thank you,

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